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Support Hours: 

Mon - Fri  10AM - 12AM

Sat            11AM - 7   PM

Chat   10 AM - 12 AM 

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We offer support via phone online or onsite 

Network , No Video, lost Power or any other problem that you may have, we can help please contact us during business hours and ask for your product warranty 

Top most asked questions & solutions:

Internet Modem is not recognizing my DVR or NVR

- Sometimes power off and power on your device fix the issue, have you tried that ? 

DVR/NVR is beeping ? 

- Depending on the type of beeps and the time it beeps system is trying to tell you that there is an issue, can be network or hard drive, please call us if you have more questions 

My cameras are working in my TV but i can't see them on my phone  

- This maybe caused by your network connection please check your router make sure all cables are connected also make sure your internet modem(gateway) is recognizing your router you can also find more answers by just chatting with us

I can't see my cameras in my phone what you should do? 

- Depending on your camera system the process is different, if your system or camera system is using DDNS service you must check your IP Address if the IP address is different to the one on your phone APP then the APP will never find your DVR or NVR please contact us if you need help finding your IP Address 

- If your system is using p2p is very possible that there is a network connection fail please contact us to perform a better system check step by step 

- another common problem is replacing your (gateway)or internet modem if this is your case you must perform a new system setup, if you need help, please feel free to contact us 

This are just examples of some of the problems and issues you may have if you can't find the solution here, please contact us we will do our best to help you get back online 


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